Hello !

I’m starting this blog to chart the development of Apotheosis , which is a 3d role-playing game which attempts to capture the spirit of rouge like games, but with a more action oriented style of gameplay.

The game’s content will rely on procedural generation as much as possible. Dungeons are generated with a simple algorithm and heavily modified by various heuristics. Items and enemies will also vary heavily, and a deep magic system with room for gameplay emergence is planed.

So far, basic dungeon generation with a room tree data structure has been completed, as well as a simple grammar for swapping out tiles to achieve a more integrated visual appearance.
The basic shader has been written (diffuse ,specular and normal maps, exponential fog) as well as camera control and input code.

By the time the project ships, it should have quite a few cool graphics features, such as depth of field, motion blur, omni-directional shadow mapping.
The game is being written in C# and XNA, and once finished, if anyone actually wants to play it it’ll probably be ported to native OpenGl. I’m taking this approach because I don’t expect to run into any significant performance issues, even with managed code, and in any case, the odds of actually completing the project are exponentially increased by sticking to XNA.
I hope to update this blog regularly with explanations of features, planned finished or in development, as well as screenshots of the game as it progresses.
Mostly, posts will consist of my intolerable rambling about technical nuances that interest only me, but I hope that at the very least this blog will help me set my thoughts in order, and explaining myself (even if I’m the only one who reads it) should help prevent the accumulation of bletcherous code and nonsensical gameplay features.
Also, I hope to get better at explaining myself to people, because I am haunted by blank, uncomprehending stares.

I hope to update soon with an overview of what I’m working on, I’ll finish with a screenshot of the game as it is now:


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