Just a random screen dump from the game as it now, the dungeons are still bare, I don’t want to start adding “furniture” until I have a robust system for distributing it logically in appropriate rooms, as well as a good design for the game logic that underpins it’s use.

Below, you can see a directed graph showing how each room is connected. The overall connectivity forms a tree structure that fans out from the center. The next stage in dungeon generation will be to examine this graph and connect branches of the tree to each other in a manner that results in an easily navigable dungeon. I’d like to have this happen in a manner I can easily control, for example to specify the optimal cycle size in the graph and the generation system approximate this. The important thing is that I end up with a variable or small set of variables that I can tweak, because only testing will reveal what level of room connectivity will be most fun to play.


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