Shadows (Mark I)

I’ve spent the past while attempting to add shadows to the game. Unfortunately, what should have been the work of an afternoon became a protracted war of attrition with grave consequences for my sanity.

I began by attempting to add dual paraboloid shadow mapping, which is a cool technique for omnidirectional shadow mapping. After some initial hiccups, I arrived at the point where I was getting relatively correct shadows If I only rendered the player’s depth onto the maps.

I rewrote the shader. I rewrote the shader. many. times.

Eventually I decided to just implement a standard shadow map and be done with it, I needed to move on to other things.

I ran it, and the shadows were still garbage. Directional  shadow mapping is pretty simple, and after the horror of the dual paraboloids, I had made sure I wrote the shader with clinical exactness, so I realized that this was one of those bugs.

After staring vacantly at the code for a while, I realized that after I drew the UI, I was drawing the depth map before I re-enabled the depth buffer, and that the shadow maps being generated were basically in random z order.

So, I literally moved a line of code further down the damn page and it worked.

This happened because I really wanted to see shadows as soon as possible, and I delayed implementing  a decent rendering architecture. If the rendering code had been systematized earlier, this bug still might have happened, but it would have been easier to track down. If I’d been in a position to reason with more clarity about what was happening across each draw call I could eliminated other possible sources of error a lot faster.

Even with simple directional shadows, the jump in quality is huge. There’s a much better sense of space and perspective, everything seems more solid. Omnidirectional shadows with depth of field should look very nice.

I’m going to put dual paraboloid mapping back in, then revamp the rendering architecture before the madness of the past few days repeats itself.


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