Shadows (Mark II)

Dual paraboloid shadow mapping. Now to rebuild the rendering system.



5 Responses to “Shadows (Mark II)”

  1. Hey man, this is really shaping up. I followed here from reddit a while back. I guess the biggest question I have for you is.. where did you learn all of these skills?? I mean you seem to be pretty capable of implementing a wide variety of things… graphics, shadows, guis, procedural generation, etc, etc. none of which are small tasks. This is really the sort of stuff I want to learn to do, as opposed to learning an engine which does it for me. So many people told me that if I want to make a game, use an engine because it will never get finished. You seem to be doing just fine… any advice?

    • I think it depends on your goals. If you just want to make a cool project then an engine would be a great idea – it lets you focus less on the engineering details and more on “high level” stuff.
      But finishing something is a little over rated. Every successful project grows out of a pile of half completed work. There’s no glory in a project that rots half finished on your hard drive, but you’ll have learned far more than you realized from it and it’ll show in your future work.
      Programming can be very frustrating when starting out, because most of the literature tends to focus on horrifically boring crap like implementing an address book or whatever, and all the good stuff is so complicated it looks like it was written by aliens on LSD.
      But if you stick with it, you’ll keeping getting better and you’ll be able to tackle increasingly interesting projects. There’s nothing in he world quite like having an idea and realizing “I know how to build that”.
      Big projects require more than skill and knowledge – discipline is the only thing that will propel you through the parts that are boring and difficult, like dual fucking paraboloid shadow mapping, for example.
      So my advice would be to make a little game. Make a tiny game, then make a bigger one. Your focus starting out should be more on mastering concepts rather than delivering finished work.
      Please take all this advice with a grain of salt – I’d hate to give the impression that I have any idea what I’m talking about. I can only really say what works for me, and what works for you might be completely different.

      • That was really a great answer, pretty much what I expected. In the end, my true goal is not to create the next blockbuster and make money, I just want to make fun projects that some people can enjoy (hopefully) and most importantly I can learn from. My real interest lies in wanting to know how this stuff works. Basically what you are doing is what I want to do. Not sit and say “Im gonna build an engine” but instead create an awesome project from the ground up, and learn a TON along the way. Plus by the time you’re done, youll have a shit ton of reusable engine code Im sure.. Well good going man. I hope to follow in your footsteps.

  2. Yeah, count me in as considerably impressed.

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