More GUI stuff

Now that the rendering system is a little cleaner, I’m focusing on implementing a lot of the GUI controls.

Creating the data back end to gameplay (i.e. stats, leveling etc) is a mostly architectural and conceptual problem –  the only engineering question is how elegantly it’s encapsulated in the code. I’m keeping things pretty narrow and simple at the moment, with possible room for expansion as things progress. I think there’s an important balance to be struck between simplicity and user friendliness, and providing sufficient depth for strategy and divergent character progression.

It makes sense to have the GUI come together at the same time because it allows proper testing of the data.

GUI objects all inherit from a UIElement root class, and each has a list of children that are updated and drawn when it is. This tree structure makes a lot of sense as most GUI elements are composites of smaller elements, for example, Scroll Bars contain buttons, and text panels contain scroll bars.

So far I’ve developed a simple scroll bar with drag functionality, that alters a value between 0 and 1, which can be used for whatever.

I am always striving to minimize the static content in the game, and from this perspective it would make sense to have a scroll bar that could have varying length, so it could be slotted in anywhere without having to make any new assets.

However, the GUI is the one area where I am willing to accept a large overhead of time spent making content. GUIs are a constantly under emphasized aspect of game development. A good game with a bad GUI is a bad game.

The graphical user interface in Baldur’s Gate II goes beyond just functioning well, it’s beautiful and it adds hugely to the game, making icons and numbers seem almost like they’re part of the game world.

The inventory management system is going to be nightmarish to get right, and I really want to set up a system to render icons of 3D item models, because items will have changing textures, and hand painting icons and changing the colors programatically will take forever and look crap. I guess that making render parameters (such as distance and camera angle) for each type of carry-able 3D model wont take that long.

You can see a hueg picture of the scrollbar bellow.


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