I’ve decided to go with the XNA Animation Component Library as a means of implementing animation in the game. I’ve integrated it into the game in a very basic sense. I’m still working on the infrastructure for animated characters, and in the above demo, the character is unlit because the shader needs to reworked into the game’s rendering system. Still, it’s cool to see a character running around.

I’m currently working on creating a main character model and animation set, which will probably take some time. I want to focus on a small core of polished assets, rather than diffuse effort across a bigger range. Content can always be added in later, the important thing is to get the game up and running as a prototype.

Here’s a simple piece of concept art I knocked up. I don’t think a standard sword really needs to be this developed as concept art, but it’s really more about finding a tone and consistent visual style at this stage.



5 Responses to “Animation”

  1. Looks great man!

  2. This looks great! The dungeon generation is really cool.

  3. WakkaWakkaWakka Says:

    Very nice. Really looking forward to some playable version

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